Michael Scott in Clemson Emily Jordan

After getting into a fight with his coworkers Dwight and Jim, Michael Scott made the difficult decision that he needed to move on from Dunder Mifflin to bigger and better things.

After their tiff, Michael decided to accept a job offer as a business professor at Clemson University in South Carolina. Although this was a big change from working at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Michael was ready to accept the challenge and move to a new chapter in his life. He was tired of never being taken seriously in the office and wanted to really make a difference in people's lives.

The transition to Clemson was tough for Michael at first because he was used to constantly being around coworkers and friends, and had to get used to being around college students all the time. However, his classes loved him and he quickly became one of the most popular professors at the University. Everyone found his humor hilarious and his students loved him, and always laughed at his jokes.

After a few short weeks, Michael met another professor from the University and instantly fell in love with her. Given his past of falling in love with women quickly, nobody thought anything of it. However, after a couple of dates people began to see that they were actually in love. They began to date and got married a short year later, and all of his beloved students attended the wedding. Michael Scott then decided to credit all the good things that had happened to him and all the awesome people he met to Clemson University for being the best place on Earth with the best people.

The end :)


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