Aunt Becky's Bribes Souhegan's reaction to a scandal

Hollywood actor Lori Loughlin who famously played Aunt Becky on the hit show Full House has been arrested for paying over $500,000 in bribes for her daughter, Instagram model and Youtuber Olivia Jade, to attend the University of Southern California after being denied admission.

Lori Loughlin, right, and her daughter Olivia Jade attending a gala

The world shook after the news broke earlier this month. But how is Souhegan reacting?

"I think it is yet another example of how money has this unspoken power and those who are fortunate and wealthy have advantages that continue to show various types of injustice in not only our law system, and our judicial system, but now in our education system.-Travis Nason, 9th Grade English Teacher
Travis poses with a financial aid poster and says, "This kid didn't cheat to go to college!"
"It's wicked unfair" said freshman Alice Serbin (right) "Everyone else has to work their way into college and she just paid her way in." Colin Duckless (left) adds, "Everyone should have the equal right to an education in the United States."
Senior Robbie Mcgrath who has gone through the college application process said, "I think it's really funny, but it's also not fair."
"Aunt Becky was my role model as a child and I'm very disappointed."-Emily Zoltick the athletic trainer.
"I feel very annoyed that somebody has to bribe money for their child to get into college because a lot of people want to go to college but they don't have $500,000 for their parents to just give them and it's just taking advantage of people."-Brenna Greenhaulgh
Freshman Ana Nikolenko (left) said, "I think it's really awful, what she did, and I didn't expect that from her."
Junior Lindsey Goils who did not want her face to be pictured said, "I think it's really unfair how hard students work in school in order to be accepted and she just took a spot away from those kids."
"I find it hilarious. I think it's so funny that she got caught. Money equals power these days."-Devin Clair, Freshman
"They kind of cheated themselves. They're not gonna be able to do anything later on in life."-Dylan Dufour, Freshman
"It's kind of low. I don't feel like that's a good thing to do as a person because if everyone could pay into college then where would this country be? We'd be nowhere! We'd be in a hole!"-Kyan Bagshaw, Freshman
Lori Loughlin has been fired from the Netlflix show Fuller House and Olivia Jade blames her parents for "Ruining her life."

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