Agriculture By: arjun Juttla

Where is Agriculture in Canada?

Agriculture is a big part of the Canadian economy. The largest acreage of farmland is in Western Canada in the Prairies. The 3 main provinces of agriculture in the western part of Canada are Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. There are many land - extensive crop farms that produce oil seeds, wheat, barley and other crops.

How much Money does Agriculture Bring to Canada ?

In 2008, Canadian agriculture made more than $70 billion in economic activity. The sales of milk and dairy products generates $10 billion to the Canadian economy. Canada makes a lot of money with our agriculture industry. Canada is the worlds 5th largest exporter of agricultural products. Canada makes 19.5 billion of exports with United States of America on exports such as cattle, beef and canola oil.

Markets and trade

On average, Canadians spend less than 10% of there household expenditure on food purchased in grocery stores. The government has made it become easier for international trade and has contributed to many sub - sectors in the industry. It has also made an impact on Canadian exports such as oil seeds, grains, pork, beef and livestock. Japan, U.S.A, and the European union are major export markets for Canada's farm products. Canada has many emerging markets with China, India and Russia. Russia exports a total of 448 million dollars of Pork, beef, pet food, cattle, swine. India exports 640 million dollars of Pulses, whey, mustard seed.

Jobs In Agriculture

In Canada there are fewer workers and the amount of farm land is a lot more. In 1921, agriculture was the most common occupation, employing over 1 million people in Canada which about 1/3 of Canadian jobs. However, by 2008 only about 327,000 people were employed in agriculture including the 1.8% of the labor force.

Over the years farms have become more specialized and the average farm size has increased. But from 1986 to 2006 the total farm area in Canada decrease slightly from 67.8 million hectares to 67.6 million hectors of farm land. This till leaves a lot of farming jobs.


A big issue of Canadian agriculture is that there are fewer workers than there is farmland. It is estimated that 350 acres of land in all in Ontario alone. Urban sprawl has a less acres-per-day in more populated provinces such as Ontario and Quebec. In these provinces urbanization has been a big factors in this issue. Since people are moving from rural to urban cities the population has increase and there is less farmland in such provinces.


Farmers need to take a more sustainable approach when dealing with there farms. They have to work effectively with natural processes rather than ignoring them. Farmers are able to minimize there use of pesticides and fertilizers when growing crops. They do thing like crop rotation, cover crops, soil enrichment, Bio intensive Integrated Pest Management.


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