The things we do for love We get angry we get scared but we alWays care for those we share our home with. We love them.

Every one has their own love stories. Weather it's about true love, forbidden love, puppy love. We all have our own.

Love is something that we can give away to others and also receive. It is a warm fuzzy feeling we get in our stomach. It give us the feel of sercurty and safety. If you have found love you have the most precious thing in life.

Some people believe love does not exist or it is not important but just think, if there was not love would you parents still be married, would their parents even have your parents if there was not love. If love did not exist neither would you.

Just remember when you are feeling low, and feel like the world is going to end. Just know that there are people who love you, and it's okay to be sad because you know with love, not only survive but you will live.

Created By
Anastayzia Kellaway

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