The Muncher By Jade Jake Riley and Blade

Name: The Muncher

Ability: Can eat anything and has very strong claw

Design: Long and skinny and long arms torn of a bear head, wires sticking out

Favorite Food: Poeple and Pizza

Fear: The Sun and it's owner

Appearance: Has Glasses

Likes: Bear Plush Toys

Wears: Ripped stripped blue and white sweat shirt

Attracted to: Red lights

Movement: walks run crawls

Backstory: the Muncher was a bear that got radiation on it and got mutated into the muncher

Journal: The Muncher was a ordinary bear until he got struck by lightning and got hurt and some of its limbs had to be made to robot parts a year past and the bear was in terrible condition it's limbs had gotten major burns and half its body was not working and so the vets couldn't do much about him but the zoo keeper didn't give up and so he took him to a scientist and the scientist told the zoo keeper that he needed to do some work to his body so the scientist added some robotic part to his body and so The Muncher was born the zoo keeper was so happy but the scientist wanted to hurt the zoo keeper so the scientist shot the zoo keeper and The Muncher was watching so the The Muncher went out in a outbreak and started killing everyone that looked like the scientist that was all humans, The Muncher likes to eat red things and has some features as big claws to eat with out a nitro if would have kind of a zombie bear costume with big claws that try to grab stuff with it will have robot legs and the reason we chose the monster is because we thought of hurumbaie but mostly because we couldn't really get a name so we went on google and found a name. And also the Muncher is suppose to be a bear that got struck by lighting and got hurt I think if a bear got struck by lightning then it would die but in this case we're making it so he kind of gets like a super body like iron man but he misunderstood the human race and now he's out for killing people I mentioned that he liked every red thing I tried to make it sound like he would even eat blood like if he killed a human but the main thing is that out Monster is the Muncher and a couple of questions is what zoo was it, i don't know I haven't really thought of one and also what bear is it, I don't know again but the robot is gonna have legs that are kind of muscular but a skinny body and big clawed arms for ripping things apart we can use the motors to turn the arms like a hug but so it can grab stuff and also some of the features are its main weapon the claw, its defence the metal sheets that are underneath his bear fur and it's speed, it is very fast because it has robot legs that never run out its running of the energy of his hatred and his goal is to find a way to bring the zoo keeper back alive after she got murdered and it does like eating everything so it's kind of like a dangerous vacune cleaner p, it can tell the day and with his huge claws he can dig down like a mole but he's a bear in conclusion The Muncher is gonna be a attacking anmitronic with me jake Riley and blade making it and the inspiration was hurumbaie because o really wanted it to be a gorilla but the others said no, we came up with hurumbear but that just sounded weird so we went to the name monster website and chose a name there and after some discussion we aventully chose the Muncher as out monster that we will be making, I will make the iner endoskelleton and jake Riley and the others are gonna make the skin suit.

Our monster

What is a monster: A monster is a person creature or thing that has a bad feature or has been known to do bad stuff or just has done lots of bad stuff as for example a troll is a monster that is not human but lives under a bridge and can eat people.

Questions: 1.What makes a monster?

2.Will it have a weapon? No

3.What robot are we using? Lego robotics

4.How does it work? It walks and runs

5.Does it have arms? Yes

6.Does it have big feet? Yes

7.Will it eat things? Everything

8.Does it have feelings? No

9.Does it have legs? Yes

10.Will it have a noes? No

11.Does it have ears? Yes

12.Did it have an owner? Yes

13.Was the original owner nice? Yes

14.Was it's history with people good? Yes

15.Will it have powers? No

16.Why is it unique? Because it's a mutation

17.Does it's legs move? Eus

18.Will it have feet? Yes

19.Can it walk? Yes

20.Can it stand up? Yes

21.Can it climb? Yes

22.Does it's arms move? Yes

23.Does it have hands that pick up? No

24.Does it have claws? Yes

25.Does it have a head? Yes

26.Does it's head swivel around? Yes

27.Does it have eyes? Yes

28.What colour eyes does it have? Red

29.Could it have cameras in its eyes? No

30.Does it's eyes move? No

31.Why is it called the Muncher? Because it has a big mouth

32.Does it have teeth that are sharp? To eat

33.Can it use its teeth to pick things up? Yes

34.Is it short? No

35.Is it tall? Yes

36.Is it skinny? Yes

37.Is it wide? No

38.Does shape matter? Yes

39.What shape would work the best for what we want our robot to do? Skinny but strong

40.Can we learn from it? No

41.Why have we planned it? Because we thought of it

42.Will the robot have tracks? No

43.Will the robot have wheels? No

44.Will the robot be made of Lego? Maybe

45.Will the robots be made of electronics? Yes

46.Will the robot have guns? No

47.Is the robot a girl? Unknown

48.Is the robot a boy? Unknown

49.Will the robot have a gender? Maybe

50.How old is the robot? Unknown

51.What type of skin does it have? Bear skin

52.Is it fluffy? Yes

53.Is it hard? Yes

54.Is it fuzzy? Yes

55.What do we use to make it? Lego electroncis

56.Will it have a weapon? No

57.Will it have scissors for hands? No

58.Will it have a recording device? No

59.Will it be able to record audio? Maybe

60.Will it be able to record visual? Maybe

61.Will it have sensors? Maybe

62.What background did it have? It use to be at a zoo

63.Will it use gears? Maybe

64.Why is it friendly? It's not

65.Is it friendly? No

66.Is it not friendly? Yes

67.What are its behaviour traits? Agressive

68.What quality's do monsters have? Hands and mouth

69.What material are used to make it? Lego

70.What is the Munchers quality's? Strong teeth mouth and claws

71.Is it scary? Maybe

72.Is it happy? No

73.Is it angry? Yes

74.Is it scared? No

75.Will it be made out of a teddy bear? Maybe

76.Does it hurt anyone? Yes

77.Is it angry at anyone? Yes

78.Will it be evil? Yes

79.Will it help people? No much would it cost to build? Free┬┐

81.will all the resources be available for us at school? Yes

82. Is it some we can achieve? Maybe

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