The Lungs of the Earth By luke


The rainforests supply us with most of the air we breath but the illegal deforestation is decreasing the amount of trees to produce our oxygen and eventually we'll get rid of it all, and we won't have any more oxygen to breathe!

He could be dead soon!

When humans cut down rainforests hundreds of animals die including orangutans, for something ridiculous, the only reason that rainforests are cut down is for their land they don't want the trees they just want the space for a mono-culture farm with something like palm oil, or they want to start or expand a cattle ranch.

Illegal logging

In Indonesia illegal logging in the rainforests is quite common thankfully some of the local villagers have been cutting down the planted palm trees, which will hopefully stop the criminals (because it is a law in Indonesia that your not aloud to cut down the rainforests) from cutting Down the rainforests.

Rainforest loss since 1985

In the 1970s logging rose in the stock market in Borneo, so people left their jobs to go start logging and earn more money to have a better life, but then it went down in the stock market and people earned less money.

Rainforest loss since 1950

An estimated of 73% of logging in Indonesia is illegal.

Palm oil is an unessecery product

We could all live without palm oil in our foods, in fact nestle have proved that recentLy they stopped putting palm oil in their products such as kit Kat and one of the reasons is this video:


We could leave the rain forests how they are and start using fields more that don't have any trees or important factors to the worlds survival.


Created with images by crustmania - "Deforestation" • janeb13 - "mandrill sad face portrait" • DFAT photo library - "A man uses a ling stick with a knife on the end to harvest the fronds of the Palm oil tree."

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