Sports Medicine Doctor By: aidan nevin

What do they do?

A sports medicine doctor can prescribe treatments for amateur and professional athletes. They can work at a high school, hospital, collegiate or professional sports organism.


A sports medicine doctor makes $207,000 annually and around $100 hourly.


To become a sports medicine doctor you need a 4 year premedical degree. Then you have to pass a medicine collage admission test to be admitted into a 4 year medical school. After you graduate they serve a 3 year residency.


Some skills needed to become a sports medicine doctor is being able to listen to the patient and have empathy for them. Also you must be able to communicate with the patient and make decisions.


Yes, a sports medicine doctor is growing and much faster than average. It is growing (14% or higher)

Job Outlook

This job is growing by 14% because there are more athletes and people are getting hurt more from sports.


Would I still be interested in pursuing this career? Yes I would because it has good pay and sounds interesting.



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