The Museum of Natural History By: Demetrius Houser

Nature on Display: There were many interesting exhibits in the Florida natural museum but my favorite was the realistic painting of Northwest Florida. It felt as if I was looking at an actual endless field while the air conditioning blew on me adding to my immersion. The reason why it's so appealing to me is because of it's immersive attributes and realism it puts on the table for me to experience. While passing through scenery exhibits in which they barely piqued my interest, my feet suddenly halted as i spotted this, I've never seen art like this and it was nice to experience this realistic and wonderful artwork. A thing that i learned while looking at this artwork was how there were two sides in which i stood on the side in which all the greenery and plant life was located while on the other side was a dry desert that had dead trees. If i would've looked at this artwork through another medium such as a computer screen i wouldn't feel as compelled to as i am now because i believed that having a first hand look made my experience with it one hundred times better. What I found enjoyable about the museum and my fun experience with it was how many emotions traveled through me s i visited exhibit to exhibit ranging from sea animals, native americans, butterflies and big fossils.
Nature and Ethics: I feel that the the butterfly exhibit of the natural museum provided an experience of how Leopold said to not look at land as if it is only economic value and also the surreal forest design that was one of the exhibits. It showed how the species that lived on that land appreciated and saw their land as how while on the other hand we just see it as a way to gain income. In the Native American exhibit it shows how they lived off the land without thinking of it as just a way to gain money, they appreciated it and lived off the land. I believe that other people who saw this was amazed by the amount of pictures and smiles that saw, the exhibits shows us somethings different in which is a way to connect with nature the way Leopold recommended. The museum made me more appreciative of land and how i now believe that land shouldn't be used for economic gain.
Nature and The Human Spirit: The museum helps us step out of ordinary lives by giving us a vivid picture of how the past was and by letting us feel a grasp of connecting to nature and what it means. I believe that the museum helps us understand who we are by showing us the wonders of the land in the past before it was seeded as economic profit and gives us a chance to experience emotions n how we feel about it now. It also definitly uncovers a few mysteries on the comparison of how pampered our lives now compared to the past and how evolution is related to all of this.
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