Good Life Tour of the Harn By Calvin carbone

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

One of the artworks I saw in the Harn was called "Semiotics of the Kitchen". This piece of art was actually created using video cameras, and thus was a video. It was from 1975 so the video was in black in white. It was created by Martha Rosler who stars in it. The artwork involved a woman in a kitchen holding various appliances, and making aggressive gestures with them in order to represent the frustration and rage suffered by women in oppressive roles. Using a video to express the artist's agenda was interesting in that it made me as the viewer more familiar with the work since I am living in the digital age. It also stood out amongst the other pieces of art as it was the only video exhibit in this particular wing. By seeing this artwork in person rather than online I felt more immersed in the content of the video. Originally the artwork made me feel very confused as I had no idea what was going on, but after reading the description I understood what it was and became more appreciative. Overall I really liked the video medium as it was more relatable to myself.

Design of the Museum

The design of the Harn is very spacious with rooms that connect with each other. You can start in one room at the beginning of the museum and snake your way around the building, viewing every room. This is something ideal for a person like me who needs to see every room a museum has to offer. I forgot to take a picture of this room, but my favorite room was where the bonsai garden was. I found it very cool that it was outside and you could walk through it and end up back inside without losing your place in the museum. The picture of me below is in the gallery that contained numerous black and white etchings. The space is large but does not contain many paintings, meaning the use of space is not overwhelming to the viewer. The orange walls are a warm color that brings life to the room almost as if it is trying to bring to life the historical etchings within.

One of the beautiful etchings in the orange gallery

Art and Core Values

A piece of art in the Harn that appeals to one of my core values is an Antonio Carnicero piece from 1790 called "Collection of the Main Actions in a Bull Fight". This appeals to my core value of safety. Bullfighting is scary. I could never be in a ring alone with a bull and expect to survive. The artwork conjures fear, tension, and sorrow, as a dog is thrown violently in the air, implying death ahead. This artwork helps me understand safety more as placing innocent dogs in a bullfighting ring is not something safe to do. The art reminds me of the proper decisions I have to make in order to not end up in a dangerous situation.

Art and the Goodlife

helpdThe particular piece of artwork called "Sheep Wranglers" by Justine Kurland helps to promote Celebrating the Good Life. The art features adolescent girls relaxing in a warm meadow. They seem to be very comfortable and free of all worries. All the girls appear to be living the goodlife in this artwork. The despcription of the art even states the girls are escaping oppression in this idealistic landscape. So, before they were oppressed and not living a goodlife, but now they have moved to the meadow and now celebrate their goodlife. This artwork helps me appreciate the theme of celebrating the good life as it reminds me of places I go to relax and celebrate. The artwork is very comforting to me.


Calvin Carbone

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