King HIT! is an action packed beat'em up manga collab between Kenneth Wagnon, Vinh-Luan Luu, and Ruby Boiko based on their love of ridiculous shonen tropes. From the bad-ass yankii with a goofy heart of gold to the mischievous, cigarette loving marketable sidekick. It's really just a showcase of Kenneth's amazing art. I mean, just look at it.



Player One of our story is Ichi, a local yankii ruffian with a heart of gold. He is out on a rescue mission to get Mr. Tama, a generous benefactor to Ichi's neighborhood businesses. You see, Ichi works part time at a convenient store to fund his biker life. Though he'll complain about the rough hours and menial tasks, Ichi has grown fond of the store. It has become the literal cornerstone of the neighborhood and Ichi's life. To one side is a family owned moto shop; the other side is a family owned ramen stall. It's all family owned. And no ones messes with Ichi's family.

Ichi's rambunctious fighty attitude is an homage to the great bastards of manga like Great Teacher Onizuka, Bakugou, and Tanaka. The story is a love letter to great, simple beat'em ups like Double Dragon and Fight Fight!.


A legit student of manga, Kenneth J Wagnon is fueled by the black ink itself. With g-pen in hand, he has been slinging ink on his western inspired book HEARTS FULL OF SAND.

If you dig Trigun and Cowboy Bebop, this is the book for you.

Kenneth is dedicated to the true path of manga. He uses only traditional mediums of the art: ink, paper, screentones, etc. He even has the feather brush thing! Look!

Follow along with the process by checking out @Kennethjwagnon on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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