25 To Drink Lets make a new Law


People are not responsible enough or fully matured to drink at the age of 21. This can lead to harm for themselves and others.

New law

How can we fix it?

Make a new law stating "You must be 25 or older to consume alcohol".

Drunk driving

This pie chart shows how many crashes there have been because of alcohol. These crashes are happening because the young people aren't responsible or mature enough to decide not to drive while drunk. So therefore the age should be higher because people get wiser and more responsible as they get older.


Many articles, news statements, etc. have been put out stating that studies have shown that young people have not reached their full maturity level by 18, or 21 it's 25. So not is alcohol a risk to anybody but to the young people their brains aren't even fully developed yet so should we let that happen?

Say no!

Your right this is not safe and we need to put a fix to it! Here are a few statements from educated adults on what they think about this new idea.

Adult 1's thoughts on the new law.

Adult 2's thoughts on the new law.


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  • http://www.narcononfreedomcenter.org/drug-information/drinking-and-driving.html
  • Google images
  • Thanks to the help from My Dad (a doctor) and mom

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