Hive Accommodation bryce govus


As a group we discussed the issues for users with current apps and what features we could introduce within our app that may fix these issues. As a group we also came up with personas. A typical target audience for our app and any issues thy may have. With the app being for students and landlords we decided to have 2 landlord personas and 2 student personas.


I deconstructed and created a site map of another website. Pads For Students, which is a similar type of site as the app I am designing. After seeing how their website was laid out I asked what improvements could be made. So the next task was card sorting. Taking each heading of each of my screens wrote them onto cards and made had testers made a solution to how they feel what order the place them in. After photographing them I used that information to create my own outcome. I then created my own site map which I felt made improvements to the app I was designing. Based off my site map i created paper prototypes. Positioning elements on my screen. I then got 3 people to test out my paper prototypes to see if the navigation of the app was suitable. After this I made several changes to my app layout.


After the feedback I received I had a final layout concept for my app. I made digital wireframes on Adobe Illustrator. This helped me visualise the layout of my app and made the necessary changes.

WEEK 4 & 5

I then moved onto the design on the product itself. I created 2 A2 mood boards each made up of visual elements to help add to the interface. I used a variety of images, some for the texture, and others I was inspired by the colours. I then created 2 A3 style tiles both were in response of my mood boards. I came up with 2 different ideas however I felt the colour orange was my favoured for my app. I then used the hexagon pattern, inspired by bee hives. With bee hives being the nest (home) of the bees, I felt it was a good connection and adds another meaning to the site. So thats where the name Hive Accommodation came from.


I was to create 2 presentation mock ups both consisting of 3 screens each to show how the app would look in someones hands. The mock ups were then annotated.

WEEK 7 & 8

I chose a final concept idea which was the Hive Accommodation. I then developed 12 screens which was then saved as a pdf. I then put the pdf file into the invision app. Which makes working prototypes by adding buttons to screens and adding transitions to make it an interactive app.

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