4. Retrieval Practice Self-Study Learning Outcome 3


1. We are learning numerous techniques to help you absorb, retain, and use the information needed to succeed in your courses and prepare for your careers. CHOOSE THREE of these techniques that you have not used before, or have not used adequately. Your options include:

  • Flash cards
  • Quizlet or another self-quizzing app
  • Self-testing

2. The three techniques I will use are flashcards, Mind maps, and Self testing. I will use self-testing for MGT 2180 online exam (exam 2). I will self-test myself by doing practice questions without looking at my notes. I will use Quizlet for Fungi and Civilization quiz 2. Quizlet is a self-testing website to help me remember different facts and topic. I will make flashcards for Microeconomics exam 1. Using the flash card method will make easier for remembering different equations.

3. Data

MGT 2180

4. Before & After Grade Result

  • Quizlet (Fungi & Civilization) Exam 1 grade: 50 (F) Exam 2 Grade: 70 (C)
  • Self-testing (MGT 2180) Exam 2 grade: 57 (F) Exam 3 grade: 73 (C)
  • Flashcards (Microeconomics): Exam 2 grade: 40 (F) Exam 2 grade: 45 (F) (Wasn't a big help to get me to a passing grade

5. Reflection

Yes, I seen many improvements in my grades. I increased both in my grades for my fungi class and management class. For my Fungi & Civilization class, I increased 20 points in my exam grade. On exam one, I made a 50 and on exam two, I made a 70. For my management exams, I increased 16 points. With the 16 point increase, I was able to get a “C” on exam two. I didn’t see much improvement in exams, for my Microeconomics class. I received a “F” on both exam one and two. The Quizlet and self-testing worked well for me, because I received passing grades using those two methods. Quizlet was very easy to use, because I would simply enter a question or word of the left side; than the answer or definition on the right side. Quizlet help me memorize the information for the test. Quizlet is great memorization tool, not for learning. The flashcard method wasn’t very efficient to use, because Microeconomics is not based on memorization. For the flashcards, I wrote don’t definitions from the chapter to help me on the test. Trying to learn definitions did not help me at all. To pass microeconomics exams, you have use a logical approach which is very hard for me. Microeconomics is a very analytical and logical course, and can be difficult at times. Changes I will make in the future, is to find a new method to study for Microeconomics. Maybe, using another method from the suggested list.

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