Texas Revolution By blake&Landen

Santa Anna

Santa Anna: A Mexican leader who Lead the Mexican army.

Stephen F. Austin

Stephen: Started the Texas colony and brought a group called the Old 300

Colonel William Travis

William: A small group leader that tried to fight off the Mexicans in a small church.

Sam Houston

Sam: A man who was named hero of the new independent nation of Texas, He was latter on elected president., also he died trying to defend the alamo

Mexican Independence

The Mexicans gained independence from Spain, Mexican leader suspended the constitution of Mexico.

Battle of Gonzales

This is where the Mexicans tried to remove a canon from Texas, it ended in a big battle.

Battle of the Alamo

This is where the Mexicans settled for a while, eventually a war went down there.

Battle of Golad

This is where the Texas settlers attacked the Mexicans which lead to a victory.

Battle of San Jacinto

This is the battle in which the Mexican army got ambush by Texas settlers.

Result of the Texas Revolution

They brought settlers in by buying the land from mexico, the people they brought with them was impresarios.

Was Texas Annexed, who wanted it

Texas was annexed, most Texans and congress wanted Texas to be annexed


Created with images by sixpounder - "COME AND TAKE IT flag" • Texas State Library and Archives Commission - "Mural: "Texas Moves Toward Statehood" - section 3 of 5"

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