Imperialism By: Michelle sepulveda

Imperialism: A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

Chinese investor and African worker.

China in Africa, the new imperialism; the Chinese investor made deals with it's government and Chinese immigrants moved into the country, and started up companies like opened copper, coal, and gem. They also set up schools and hospitals all the needs for a country. But there is labor abuse happening and criminal cover ups that disturbed the ties they have with the Africans.

The Chinese did make one thing happen though that was there goal and it was that they have fast profitable investments through the whole continent, and made assistance in some areas. Africa is the largest trading partner to china. Some of the people in Zambia aren't happy with relationship that china has with them. Instead of calling it imperialist they call it "resource nationalism" which they only take control due to the resources that they have. There has been Chinese investors that say that it's not just for the money that they also want integrate the Zambia people and have people capable enough to run there companies.

The U.S. got involved in 1875 when a treaty was signed by the U.S. and Hawaii, that it permitted them to go into the sugarcane market.

Hawaii was forced to signed a constitution that didn't allow the people to vote or become citizens. The came Grover Cleveland and wanted to let the queen back to place. But with president McKinley Hawaii is made an American territory.

China there was an open door policy which each of the strongest country's could do what they wished. It was also set by the United States and this would allow them to have equal trading rights with European countries in china.

India was imperialized by England, Indian villages needed help and they did not have control of there government or there economy. But there was a railroad system built India became more modern there was less conflicts with the local leaders.


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