Life below By Riccardo Ortoa

Have you ever gone fishing? Well recently fish have died more frequently than ever. And that is because the water has gone over the level of pollution. I believe after all the research that I have made, this is a very bad problem. This essay is going to show what ar the problems, the courses, and solutions.

You may be asking: Why is water pollution important to solve? Well the answer is:because the temperature of water raises for all the polluted water, and fish or aquatic animals die. If fish die we will not be able to eat fish, animals that eat fish will die, and we will not be able to drink water ( because the water will be be toxic or polluted to drink ). So now do you understand why do we need to do something about it? China is the most water polluter country. 1:China,2:USA ,3:India.

There many things that causes water pollution. One of it are that the top 3 most water pollution combined is about 9,613,203kg per day ( according to ). Olso around half of all the ocean pollution is closed by sewage and waste. Also water pollution is caused because a lot of toxic pollution also enters wastes water for highway. Also all the water from the rain, and gouts to the street ex… And then to the ocean.

When there's big problems there's bigg solutions” (anonymous). One of the ways you can solve this big problem is by using your water wisely. So don't leave your water going when you are washing your hands, because this is what affects water pollution. 2: Buy more friendly environment chemicals. So when you go to the store you can check if it's friendly environment, and that will help the water that you used don't be that polluted. And lastly if you use chemicals for your garden pls don't exaggerate. Because all the liquid part of the chemical goes to the rivers,oceans…

In conclusion of what you read, this is not an easy problem to solve. It is cosing a lot of problems. We are making this problem get stronger and harder to defite. But there things that you as an individual can do to prevent this problem. So what are you doing to prevent this problem?


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