"The Grammarbenders" Shriya Chemudupati, Meredith Farmer, Sreedhatri Kandlakunta, & Samantha Simmons


We understand that understanding grammar rules are hard. With necessary promotions, our grammar rule is the easiest to understand, young grammarbender.

1. Podcast/ Radio Talk Show: A podcast can be a great way to promote! People listen to the radio all the time, and if we have our show, "Avatars: The Last Grammarbenders," as a radio show, we would be sure to get people hung over our show!

2. Posters: Posters are a great way to bring out our rule. Just add a little pizzazz and you will be sure to get EVERYONE looking at your poster.

3. Commercials: Commercials will let us totally gain attention. I mean, everyone watches television all the time, so everyone would see our commercial.

4. A Song/Dance: While I am writing this, I am totally getting a great idea for this. With a great song, we can totally have a brain worm in people's heads as they constantly sing our song over and over again.

5. Teaching Other Students: One of our other ideas was to teach a seventh or sixth grade class our rule! Cool, right! We could totally bring awareness while being cool as well without being a bore!

6. Daily Grammar Announcements: It could be so cool! Everyday, you get a new grammar rule and fact! And we could totally start off with our rule, "Pronoun Antecedent Agreement."

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