Howard Carter Did you know one man ...one king... changed the world forever.

have you ever known who discovered the young king of tutankahum in the Egyption history, that changed the world forever and ever. Howard Carter was born on the 9th of May 1874, he was born in Kensington in London. Many years later he was a young sick child with an weak immune system.He was Been private home schooled and lived with his Aunt.

Tutankamun the king of Egypt, who was aged 19 when he died from a mystery that still archeoligst can't understand today.

Howard Carter Dad was an succesfull english artist who was called Samuel Carter,his mum was named Martha Carter,and also had six other sibblings called Edgar Carter, James Carter, Vernet Carter, Samuel Carter, William Carter, Amy Carter.

When he was young he wanted to be a famous archeoligist who changed ancient Egypt history forever.When Howard Carter was 17 he decided to go tp Egypt looking for Ttankamun Tomb for a new discovery.

thankyou for raeding are text today



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