Tattoos on the Heart of Book Project By: Phillip Jourdan

Preface and Introduction: Some of the most impactful storIves are hard to write, father G was able to find the right way to put it into a book. That the point of the book, is not about how he has lived his life, but to show how other people can make a change in the world. It also show that even the toughest people can change, and make a difference in the world. Father G make a difference in all the poeple he has help. He also shows that even ordinary people can do the same.

Chapter 1 God,I Guess: Father G says that we all have our own views on how or what God is. My favorite part is when they first ask what God is. Many people have that question and not all of us can answer. They have their questions, and we have out questions.
Father G made a huge impact all all the characters in the book, no matter where or what they did
Chapter 7 Gladness: My favorite part about this chapter is when Moreno is ask what his favorite subject in school is. He answered " G BIOOOOLOGY. THATS THE BOOOMB." It shows that a lot of people have things in common, just because they are different than you does not mean you don't have things incommon

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