Yajat's Hass Assignment LA 13

When : The British arrived in Western Australia on the 2nd May 1829 and found the rightful owners of Western Australia.

How : After years the jails became small in Sydney so they looked for more land and after a while they found Western Australia.

Who : Captain James Stirling found Western Australia and started developing WA and its people quite quickly.

Inquiriy question for Western Australia

  • Q1: Why didn't the British see Western Australia since they were coming from that side.

A1 :The British went around most of Australia and went to the eastern states they where a long distance from shore and land. They also didn't now where land is Website: http://www.australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/european-discovery-and-colonisation

The British in sea.
  • Q2: Who found the first amount of gold in Western Australia? Answer 2: Our original information was that the first find of any gold reported in Western Australia was in 1853 in Pinjara or Karratha WA Website : http://www.wanowandthen.com/gold.html
  • Q3: Who found Western Australia first from Britain?
  • Answer 3 Who found Western Australia first: Maps by Chinese Cheng Ho are reported to show part of the west coast of Australia but records are not able to confirm any landingshttp://www.wanowandthen.com/timeline.html

Why did the colony develop

They needed somewhere to put all of there prisoners and to get more investment in Western Australia. Secondary info used by My Brain

The Pinjara massacre was war between the British and the original Noongar people .

One of the brave warriors was Yagan who died during war and the Noongar people got defeated which was devestating .

After the war the victory was to the British and the date it happened was 28 October 1834. Yagan and other brave Aboriginals had died in the war and the cruel British took all the kids and didn't care about the Warriors all they did is they is make them starve.


Location of Pinjara used my Google Maps

Short desCriptions on wHat HAPPENED

The British needed space for there prisoners so they looked for land and they found WA .


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