Health condition Near and far sighted

Having eye as near sighted and far sighted Health problems can travel through out the family and it effects your seeing and most of these people need glasses. It's rare to not get efected by eye problems as most of 1 out 4 of a normal family would not get effected. The effects are for far and far sighted are if your close to a wall you can see but if your looking from far you can,t see. near sighted for example of your near sighted you can see from close but see from far.

It's important to take these conditions seriously because if some one lost there glasses and they can't see they can get hurt and so many other things can happend.

Causes of this condition unable to see, getting stuff in your eyes, too much television time there a lot more causes. Staring into the sun and light and these conditions can happend and young age.

These conditions can be treated with eye surgery and other type of treatments.

5 out of 10 Americans get effected which is 50% of people effected.

It's not really any thing to do with a diet but be carefull in the light or the sun.

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