French Revolution

Causes of the French Revolution


"There was a bad government. Louis XVI did not know how to organize his kingdom well

- The absolutist monarchy. France, to diferebcia of other kingdoms of Europe did not adopt any of the ideas of the illustration

the economy

"The French monarchs squandered the taxes of the people for their own benefit.

-The agricultural crisis, At that time, France suffers from the harshest winter it had ever had, and that is how it affects its agricultural production.

-The increase of taxes to the third state


- the search for equality by the people.

-"Illustration ideas influenced the people.

-judgment of the king's divinity.

Napoleon Bonaparte,hero or villain?

Napoleon was a hero because he proved not only to be intelligent and tolerant, but also capable of responding to a critical situation for France and Europe, opening the door to the future of understanding and coexistence between cultures, religions and countries.

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