Keira World War Ii

These people are going to rise in power for World War ll. These people had to get people on there side and get them to fight. The war is started by Germany loosing WW l they could not pay there payments for the war. Then Hitler decided that it was a good idea to invade other places. So now we have WWII.

In 1933 Adolf Hitler the dictator of Germany a political party called the Nazi's. After that Hitler ordered that anyone who disagreed with him, would be silenced. People who would do it would be put in a concentration camps. Hitler blamed the Jews for making Germany in a bad state.
Benito Mussolini took power of Italy. He had an allies with Adolf Hitler. Mostly he wanted to build up Italy.
Francisco Franco took over power in Spain wither the help of Benito Mussolini. He died November 20, 1975.
Joseph Stalin took control of the Soviet Union. He had help from Russia. He also had power for more than 2 decades. He died March 5, 1953.
Hideki Tojo is the prime minister of Japan. He wanted Japan to become strong. This did happen. In 1937 Japan takes over China. In December 7, 1941 Japan bombs us and we are now in the war. December 23, 1948 he died by hanging.
Franklin Roosevelt took power in the U.S. He died April 12, 1945. He became president during the Great Depression. He is one of the 3 greatest presidents.

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