Stuart Little Book By: Garth williams Project By: Jp or jamari pires

This is Stuart. He is called Stuart Little, one because he his named Stuart, and two because he is a little.

From the movies I've seen, Stuart can talk, he can also talk in this book.i don't know why he talks, or do I? If you want to see if you can find out the reson why he talks becuase I don't spoil things for friends.

In the movies about Stuart Little that I've seen, Stuart is a little mouse. In some of them, he can talk, and the others he can't.

Stuart is i'm guessing, is human. I think this becuase in the begining of the book, it says how his mother had a second child that was very small, and had the exact phyiscal characteristics of a mouse. His body makes it so he walks like a human, but doesn't look like one.
Stuart was supposed to be a normal sized human being, but something happened. I do or do not know why. But like I said, I don't spoil things for friends. So you have to read the book and find out.
I hope you enjoyed my project, but I have to to give credit to my friends.

A thanks to my teacher Ms.Batista, for introducing me to Adobe Spark. Thanks to Davd Nguyen, for teaching me how to use a glide show: which is the first thing on my project. And I have to give credit to my mom to encourge me and help me with the most of my projects.

Created By
Jamari Pires


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