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Focus Your Energy On Becoming a Better YOU

Every ounce of spare energy this year has gone towards my personal journeys, which are all dedicated to self improvement. Try it - push your current state of existence to the limits of your known potential, & you will be astounded to see that there is even more potential there, right beyond your limits. The same limits that you’ve been identifying as your ‘boundaries’ or ‘personal best’, are not your true limits. I’d been allowing these so-called limits to box me in.

When I pushed to my max & realized that there was a long, unexplored path of greater potential on the other side, the lifelong journey began. I simply cannot go back to a life of not trying to get better than my ‘best’, because I now know that ‘best’ is a subjective term that has no real place in quantifying a human’s capabilities. We are adaptive, & we are continually transforming. By identifying something as our ‘best’, we are unknowingly setting ourselves up for mediocrity moving forward. People need to be pushed, challenged, broken and mended. We need to experience the pain of exerting ourselves until we can’t go anymore, because our bodies are always stronger when we recover.

I’m told that it’s important to take a ‘Rest Day’, which I’m still trying to get used to. Taking a day off feels unnatural at this point in my journey. It’s funny how the tables turn - just a few months ago, I’d never missed a rest day. In fact, I’d been resting for 28 consecutive years, with intermittent stretching and crunches in between. Needless to say, this new hunger for fitness had fed more than my body. My mind is working in such a way that connects me to my future more intimately than ever before. It is a chain reaction:

Mind to Body: “You can do it, push past the pain, 5 more. 4,3,2,1. Good job!”

Body to Mind: “I did it! I feel strong!”

Mind to Body: “If you keep going, you’ll get stronger. Don’t quit.”

So, what happens is, my body starts to change. I can feel it- and my eyes can see it. Therefore, my mind is more inclined to believe that my efforts are working.

How powerful and intimate is that? A direct, true, visual representation of the mind/body connection, and proof that we can control some aspects of our lives with our minds. I’d witnessed directionality - a direct cause and effect relationship between my thoughts and my actions. My mind directed my body to do what was necessary to get the desired results - and it worked. Phenomenal. Without the inner voice guiding my efforts, my body would not have gotten the conditioning necessary to break through to the next level.

At this point, I am no longer afraid of the challenge. I embrace it and look forward to the point of failure when my body cannot hold it’s own weight and I can faintly see stars. That moment when I have to say “I’ll catch up with you”, because I need just a few seconds for my legs to start working again. The brief lightheadedness that follows a killer set of leg presses at max weight. That is where growth happens - at the corner of pain and breathlessness. You can find me there on almost any given day - probably in the mirror flexing.


Day One - The Most Critical Step
"There is NOTHING more intriguing than meeting your inner beast for the first time"

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