Learning Retrieval practice self-study

Studying using the 15 Minute Study Method with printed power points (My own method)

I've always hated science! It never made any sense to me. During my last two years of high school, I had taken chemistry and biology. My former teacher did not teach, therefore the class was an easy A. I felt as if I breezed my way through both classes without knowing anything. I knew that this would impact me in the future with my dreams on becoming a nurse. However, I pushed that thought to the side. I researched easy college majors, crushing my dreams, and trying to find the easy way out. I knew my dreams of becoming a nurse was over because it would require a lot of science. This semester, I chose to take biology because I heard it would be easy. After three weeks in the class, I still did not know anything. Each day I sat in the front of the class texting, playing 8 ball pool, and scrolling on Facebook. I did not think there was a reason to pay attention because science had never made any sense to me, and I definitely did not think it would at Clemson University. When I realized the first exam was two days away, I cried! I went to my teacher and told her that I was thinking about dropping the class. I explained how some students think her class is only a review from high school but I never learned in high school. I also told her that I was not good at science and she told me to never say that again. She told me to meet her during her office hours the next day and she would try and help me all she could, although we did not have much time. During her office hours, she showed me a fifteen minute study trick and how to actually study for the exam. It was so easy! The exams came from the power points. I printed the power points and took notes by each slide during class. After class each day, I pretended as if I was teaching a class and explained the material. I also used the flash cards to help grasp information so it could stick with me. Moreover, I shifted my mindset to believe that I was good at science! I told myself that I was good at science. I called my grandmother and said, "Grandma, I'm good at science!" I came back and told my friends the same! I learned that having a negative mindset about things only makes it worse. I shifted my mindset from blaming my high school teacher to a growth mindset! With the growth mindset, I told myself that I could do anything I want and I actually believed it.The next day, I took the exam and made a 70. Normally, I am not satisfied with C's. However, I told myself that I would only go up from here!

First Biology Exam
Second Biology Exam
Sociology of Deviance Study Method (Self Testing)

I did not know how to study for Sociology of Deviance. On the first exam, I made a 65. His tests were very difficult. They were fill in the blank with no word bank. My professor started to give us study sheets with the exact same sentences that would be on the exam. We just did not know what word from that sentence that he would ask us to fill in the blank with. After the first exam, I began going through the study sheet and highlighting the most important word in the sentence, the word that I thought he might ask for on the exam. I then put the sheet into Microsoft Word and made my own fill in the blank practice exam. I printed out 3 practice exams and completed one each day before the exam. This study method really worked and I earned a B on the next exam and have been using it ever since.

First exam before using the study method
Second exam using the study method
I printed seven of each off a week before the exam and did each daily because we had to label the bones, muscles, and heart on the exam. (Biology Exam 3).
Using Flash Cards to learn joints for Biology Exam 3
Using Flash Cards to learn joints for Biology Exam 3
Biology Exam 3 Grade

I felt very confident after this test. I also did not have to stay up as late as I normally used to do for my Biology exams. I felt confident in what I had known. Labeling the body parts daily really helped. I quickly breezed through labeling diagrams without second guessing any of my answers. I now know that if I ever need to remember anything specific for a test, reviewing it constantly is the best way to learn and remember it.


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