Walpole High School Students Offer their Opinions on the New Trend of Airpods By Sarah Ball and Liz Hinton

“Sorry I didn’t hear you I had my airpods in” — this is either a phrase some people love to say or a phrase some hate hearing. The ongoing debate on airpods or wired headphones has been the talk of the internet, and people all around and many people are wondering: are airpods worth the hype?

At Walpole High School, students are commonly seen hiding these small wireless headphones behind their hair or underneath a hood as a discreet way of listening to music in class or in the hallways. While some students like this benefit, some teachers do not see any educational benefit to them during the school day.

"They are a huge distraction in class because the kids don't listen," said math teacher Jeffrey Angelico.

Along with that, people are finally able to charge their phones and listen to music at the same time rather than having to chose because of the update of combining these features into one starting with the iPhone 6. Along with the practical benefits of not having wires connecting to your phone, students believe airpods make most things easier.

“Airpods are definitely better than wired headphones because the wires often get in the way and are unnecessary and inconvenient,” sophomore Ali Fair said.

Fair, like many others, got her airpods for Christmas. The holiday weekend was filled with talk of airpods and memes that came from them. These posts on Twitter and Instagram also served as publicity.

One of the viral memes relating to airpods.
Another meme online relating to airpods.

“My sister bought me airpods because she knew I wanted them because they were the new trend,” sophomore Mahoney Cyr said.

Part of the high demand for these products have been because of their vast appearance on many social media platforms. Through Instagram and Twitter, users have been putting captions related to airpods to pictures and creating viral memes. These funny posts helped raise popularity and spread the word of these products.

The price of airpods is $159 in the United States, but some people still support the cost considering the benefits.

“They are more expensive than wired headphones but you don’t have to worry about replacing them if your wire breaks, or stops working. They make everything much easier and are worth the money,” sophomore Maeve Casey said.

Casey believes the durability and how reliable these headphones are makes the investment well worth anyone’s money.

Student listens to music on his airpods during study (Photo/ Liz Hinton).

Despite all of these arguments for airpods, some people still are yet to part with their wired headphones. Sophomore Danielle Abril is one of the many who decided to stay loyal to their wired headphones because they do not see any real reasons to make the switch.

“I don’t use airpods because I don’t like listening to music while doing school work, and when I workout, I play music from a speaker. If I use headphones, it is because I’m watching Netflix,” Abril said.

Abril does not notice the wires and has no wishes of purchasing airpods. Sophomore Brenna Hughes has the same opinion as Abril.

“Airpods do the same job as regular headphones except they cost more,” Hughes said.

Hughes sees no reason in spending $159 for airpods when she can listen to music through wired headphones for $29. Most people who are still yet to make the switch only hesitate because they do not see any issues in using wired headphones. Spending $130 more for airpods seems pointless to some.

Student listens to music on her wired headphones during study (Photo/ Sarah Ball).

Other people believe these products should have the high price.

"Airpods really do make life easier and I believe they are the start of a whole new era of technology," said Katie Minsk.


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