Boom To Bust The difference between the 1920's and 30's

Home Life

This is a normal family during the 1920's. The women had a lot more freedom, but still
During great depression many families had to move out into the great plains. Many families had to live and make shelter with what they had.

Leisure time

After working hours flappers(women that had a lot of fun) would go into speakeasies and drink alcohol and enoythemselves.
This is a white man from Oklahoma during the 1930's. This picture was taken during his leisure time.


During the 20's the economy was booming and the unemployment rate was fairly low. Most factories employed many people for really high wages.
As soon as he stock market crashed, many lost jobs and 50% of New York was unemployed. Many families were on the streets or moved away from the city. This really affected the economy.

Role of Government

The three presidents of the 1920's didn't do a great job of leading the government. Instead the business men did and rich entrepreneurs.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt became the president and brought the new deal. The new deal consisted if many programs that helped the jobless and brought on new relief programs.

In the first set of pictures there are many differences. The first picture shows a normal family in the 1920’s. The family is having a great time, and the father is taking care of the children. Also the family looks more united. In the second picture the family is completely torn apart and put out of their misery. The man of the family left his children and wife out to rot. The mother is taking care of the children. Not only is the mother taking care of the children, the entire family is living under what seems like a house that uses quilts as the covering.

The second set of pictures shows the difference between the normal people leisure time. The first picture is with three women after working hours. The women were dressed like flappers and were having a lot of fun. The second picture is a man relaxing and doing nothing in his free time. The man probably has no money to spend it on alcohol or anything.

The 3rd set of pictures show the drastic changes in the economy. The first picture portrays that many people were employed and that the economy was booming. Not only were many people were hired, they were given really high wages and a fair amount of holidays. As soon as the 30’s struck, all of that had gone down the drain. Over half of New York was unemployed. The hired men got $1- $2 per week with them working around 11 ½ hours.

The final set of picture depicts that the role of the government wasn’t that great in the 20’s and FDR had a tough time with cleaning up the three president’s mess. The 1920’s was mostly rum by really rich entrepreneurs that helped boost the economy. Since the economy was great the three presidents at the time laid back and took rest. Then the stock market crashed and FDR came out of it. FDR brought on the new deal. This New deal consisted of many temporary relief acts and hired many unemployed workers to help bridges and dams etc.

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