Are the Olympics About more than Sports? By: Ryan Tuomela


The Olympics are a sports event. There is the winter games and there is the summer games. In the ancient Olympics they held the games every four years. They originally only lasted one day but expanded to more days. They also held the Olympics to honor Zeus. Most people might think that the Olympics are just about sports and winning. That is not correct. It is not correct because Olympians come to the games to make friends and achieve personal goals. There is also arts involved with the Olympic games. There is more to the Olympic Games than just sports.

Making Friends

The Olympics are not just about sports, they are about making friends. People from all over the world come to participate in the Olympic games. They all have different personalities and beliefs. SQ 2 source C states, "The Olympic games inspire humanity to overcome political, economic, gender, racial, or religious differences and forge friendships in spite of those differences." This quote shows how people meet and try to make friends in the Olympics rather than winning medals. The Olympics are a great way to make friends that like the same activity as you and meet friends who like different activities than you. SQ 2 source C states, "The athletes express this value by forming lifelong bonds with their team-mates, as well as other opponents." This quote shows how the athletes make friends that aren't on their team and friends that are on there team.


Arts are part of the Olympics too. For example, the people who are setting up stages and obstacles that is art. Architecture is the main art in the Olympics. The Olympics depend on art. If there was no art there would not be a stage or obstacle for the athlete to perform on. SQ 3 source B states, "A group of architects pursued the draft of a model for a rural gymnasium." This quote shows how architects build gymnasiums and other things for the Olympics to go on. Painting is part of the Olympics because people painted scenes on jars from boxing matches and other events. SQ 1 source A states, "Greek artists painted scenes from the ancient Olympic Games onto ceramic jars or amphora." This quote shows how arts are involved with the Olympics because people painted scenes from the events.

Achieving Goals

The Olympics are also about achieving goals. Most people in the Olympics want to achieve their personal goals. They want to do the sport they love and and be good at that sport. Olympians play their sport with excellence and hope that they will achieve their goals. SQ 2 source C states, "It is not only about winning, but mainly about participating, making progress against personal goals, striving to be and do our best in our daily lives and benefiting from the combination of a strong body, will and mind." This quote shows how Olympians try to Achieve their goals. They also try to do their best and don't compare them self to other people. SQ 2 source C states, "In the Olympic ideal, this value refers to giving one's best on the field of play or in life, without measuring oneself with others, but above all aiming at reaching one's personal objectives with determination in the effort." This quote shows how people don't come to win but come to achieve goals and do their best.


As you can see the Olympics Games are not just about sports. They are about making friends, Achieving goals, and arts. The Olympics are a great way to do the thing you love and achieve all your goals. The five rings represent five different countries that participate in the Olympic Games. Every four years there will be more people from those five countries who will come to Olympics to make friends and achieve their goals.


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