Blizzards By: Zac vanderveken

What are blizzards

All of a sudden bang your thrown against something that feels like a car but of course you wouldn't know. This particular storm is making sure that you can't see 5 feet in front of you then you think to yourself, I can't stand blizzards. A blizzard is a extremely bad snow storm with winds that reach up to 35 mph and while that seems bad, your visibility will be less than a 1/4 mile for over 3 hours. Blizzards will usually occur after snowfall when high winds cause whiteouts and snowdrifts which creates the extreme conditions that we call blizzards.



Left side photo: image of collapsed power lines from the blizzard of 1913 Top right photo: houses collapsing from the weight of snow Bottom right photo: bus smashed into corner store due to lack of visibility during the blizzard.

The blizzard of 1913 May have very well been the worst blizzard in Canadian and American history. Power was out for weeks and snow reached all the way up to the top of stop signs. The storm got so bad they needed to call in the military to help take people out of the snow

How do blizzards occur

For a blizzard to form, the warm air must rise over the cold air. There are two ways that this could happen. Winds pull cold air toward the equator, and then bring warm air toward the poles from the equator. When warm air and cold air are brought together, a front is formed and precipitation occurs.

whether chart for a blizzard

a blizzard can have many awful side effects to it such as deaths and frostbite. Frostbite is one of those things you need to watch for and listen to your body for. Or you could end up like this


Frostbite occurs when overexposure to that certain part of your skin or freezing wet conditions. Death will occur mainly because of exposure but they also could die from starvation, dehydration and suffocating under the snow.

people killed in blizzerd

All storms can be dangerous if you are not prepared. If you are expecting the storm and are well prepared it could be fun and exciting. But weather is unpredictable and dangerous, it’s never a good idea to play with Mother Nature!

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