Headteacher Weekly Update 5/11/18 - 9/11/18

It is 100 years since the end of the First World War and Alloa Academy pupils and staff have marked their respects to those who have sacrificed and who have been effected by conflicts across the world.

Alloa Academy staff and pupils have been very active throughout this remembrance period with visits to Battlefields, Auschwitz, Remembrance Assemblies and by attending events at local War Memorials.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and I hope every learner has had the opportunity to reflect on conflict and the importance of hope and peace.

Looking after Alloa

Thank you to the Alloa Eco Schools Committee who went above and beyond by clearing litter in the local community. I have no doubt some of the litter is caused by some individuals who attend Alloa Academy, and we must continue to work together to encourage our young people and community to take pride in our surroundings.

The Committee made a fantastic job of cleaning up of the route from Tesco and Kilncraigs to Alloa Academy, we really appreciate your efforts.

Coffee Shop Open for Business!

There has been an enormous amount of effort from pupils, staff and our parent council to get the Coffee Shop open in Alloa Academy. I am pleased to report that it is 'open for business' and the drinks are delicious.

The pupils will hold a grand opening event over the coming weeks, however the pupils wanted to gain as much experience as possible before this event.

The shop is currently open to senior pupils, staff and visitors. We will look to include more customers in time as confidence grows.


Vision and Values

The current Vision and Values for our school were created when we moved to the new school early in 2009. Our Vision, which was adopted after a large scale consultation with parents, pupils, staff and the local community has served us well. Since it was adopted however, there have been many social, economic, political and educational changes at both a local and national level. Large scale change has also happened at a school level. Since 2009 most of our parental community has changed, the pupils have all changed, we have had two new Headteachers and a fifty percent turnover in staff. After nearly a decade we therefore felt that this was the right time to consult all members of our school community about the creation of a new collective vision, underpinned by the common shared values we hold.

In order to achieve this we have listed a number of characteristics that our school could have. This list was drawn up from our existing Vision statement and from identified characteristics in successful schools across the country and beyond. We would like you to choose the FIVE that you feel that are the most important to you.

Similarly we have outlined a number of different values that could underpin our school. Again we have included our current Vision and Values drawn from a wide range of schools from across the country. We would like you to choose the THREE most important values to you that would underpin the work that we do.

We are carrying out this exercise with parents, pupils, staff, local community groups and organisations and the local authority. We will ensure that the most important characteristics and values chosen by each group will be adopted into our final Vision, so that it truly reflects the aspirations of our community.

Please click on the following link to have your say.


Curriculum Development

We had a number of curriculum developments in 2017/18 with 'Options in S3' and the implementation of 'Duke of Edinburgh' being the main highlights. However, the school curriculum is something that is not static and must be evaluated and improved to meet the needs of our learners.

To support our evaluation and developments, Valerie Drew (Senior lecturer Professional Education and Leadership, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling) and Mark Priestley (Education Professor, Stirling University Faculty of Social Sciences) have worked in partnership with interested teachers, principal teachers and members of the Senior Management team.

This partnership is key to ensuring we have a curriculum that meets the need of all learners and ensures we have progressive pathways at each stage.


Parent Council - Bingo Tea

We have a busy week ahead with Parents Information Evening on Monday and the Bingo Tea this Thursday. I hope you have a good week.

Kind regards,

Colin Bruce




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