Weekly updates Week 17th Quarter 2 FY 2017

Email was sent out this morning at 7am CET Wed 3/22/2017 for a “today only” 50% promo in the UK for Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements. The subject line and body of the email claimed a 50% discount on PEPE, but the pricing on the email was incorrect, as well as the cart link from the buy button.Special offer price is £64.66 inc VAT If customers have ordered at the higher price (£87.60) please escalate to CS T2 to arrange a refund for the difference in price. http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/store/handlers/elicensing/trialconversion.cfm?&locale=en_GB&marketSegment=com&sku=65273448&view=editcart

On Mon 3/27/2017 Beverley informed that We have just received approval to extend any unused expired DPC credits for customers where we don’t sell Stock directly.Rather than try to list all the countries where we don’t sell Stock directly, I’ve updated the kb doc with details of countries where we do sell Stock directly. For these customers, the offer hasn’t changed – if they subscribe to a Stock plan their unused DPC credits will be reactivated automatically if they sign up within 30 days of expiry. For any other country, check Hendrix for the number of remaining expired DPC credits and manually add them via Hendrix or the Stock Back Office Tool https://helpx-internal.corp.adobe.com/content/help/en/x-productkb/policy-pricing/dollar-photo-club-stock-renewal.html . Section - Responses to potential customer concerns

On Wed 3/29/2017, Beverley updated :Process privacy-related requests | Unsubscribe, account closure, data access, and complaints,https://helpx-internal.corp.adobe.com/content/help/en/x-productkb/policy-pricing/process-privacy-related-unsubscribe-requests-account-deactivation-requests-complaints.html The account closure scripts have been revised and there are also account deletion scripts to accommodate a customer who insists that Adobe delete ALL information about them. .The language in the revised scripts more accurately describes what happens to a customer account after it has been closed or deleted.There is a huge different between a customer requesting to close an account vs a customer requesting to have their account deleted. Therefore, in order to prevent any confusion between an account closure request and an account deletion request, please ensure you use the scripts provided and use the correct terminology when corresponding with a customer. For example, use the terminology “close the account” when a customer requests an account closure instead of using “delete the account”. The scripts will help prevent confusion and will also help the database ops team determine if a customer is requesting a standard account closure or if the customer actually wants Adobe to delete all information Adobe has about them.

Another update on Wed 3/29/2017, On 28th March, 2017 a security notice email was sent to 22,000 customers advising that their Adobe ID password has been reset.Please read the internal kb article for details https://helpx-internal.corp.adobe.com/content/help/en/x-productkb/policy-pricing/security-notice---password-reset-information.html

On Mon 4/3/2017, Beverley updated that The Support Expressway process will allow Level 1 agents to flag system/web/product or process issues that impact the customer, or their own ability to be effective in their role.Front-line agents see and hear experience issues on a daily basis, and senior teams want to tap into that insight by asking agents to raise issues, to see if they can be fixed at source.This process is currently for Adobe internal teams. It will be rolled out to vendor teams in the near future. Please refer https://helpx-internal.corp.adobe.com/content/help/en/x-productkb/policy-pricing/support-expressway-process.html

On Mon 4/3/2017, Madison updated new persons on the board of the corporate team:-Kat Chan: Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Drawing, Adobe CC Design, and also covering Felix on existing channels, Jordan Ginsberg: Animate, Dreamweaver, Muse, Lindsay Munro: Adobe XD (social and content)

Yesterday Madison updated that Talkwalker alerts appear to be working (we're getting lots of emails), but the emails from Talkwalker + Dell are killing us). She is going to reduce the emails for Dell to be sent only 2x/day. This means that there will be many items for one email alert, so we will need to login at:http://listeningdashboard.dell.com/login/?redirect=%2F Username: brandwatchusers@adobe.com, PW: Adobe1234!

Cary Burgess informed that to remain consistent with @AdobeExpCloud changing their name from @AdobeMktgCloud, and to align to support the recently announced Experience Cloud which our team covers, they have renamed their Twitter handle.


On Tue 4/4/2017 , it was updated by Beverley that the hotfix has been pushed out this morning. The offer has been applied for all customer having renewed and is applied for all renewals now.This means that customers who renewed their Stock plan, or have signed up for a Stock plan, will have any unused DPC credits added for another year: Example below

  • On Tue 4/4/2017 Dhiraj emailed that :Creative Cloud Desktop App is ready with another spring release with new capabilities & enhancements for our internal & external stakeholders. Excited to announce the global launch of Creative Cloud Desktop / Thor 4.0. Summarizing the salient features below. Welcome to the new Creative Cloud Desktop 4.0.
  • Creative. Cloud Repair Option:-Thor 4.0 provides a “Repair” option to the end users for rectifying issues with their desktop app. This should reduce a major chunk of customer contacts for customer success team, as the customers will be able to solve launch issues by themselves. Thor 4.0 also provides this option in the uninstall workflow, which should prevent users from unnecessarily uninstalling the application.
  • Log Enhancements:- Thor 4.0 provides a richer logging capability for bug records. This enhances the capability of customer success team in debugging and resolving user issues with more information about the bug. The bug logs will have information about the version, update mechanism, operating system & network details to aid in the root cause analysis.
  • KB Doc:https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/release-note/cc-release-notes.html

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