My Brother's Graduation

On the way to Oklahoma and then to Texas for my brother Kennon's graduation from basic training for the Air Force we stopped at the Grand Canyon.

After we left the Grand Canyon we were able to see the moon at the closest it has ever been to the Earth in the last 70 years.

We stayed in Oklahoma for a few days and spent a lot of time with family at the lake.

After we left Oklahoma we made it to Texas and we were finally able to see my brother.

We were very glad that we got to see Kennon.
We got to see some pretty incredible monuments while on the base.
This is a monument that is commemorating all of the men, women and dogs that have served in the military.
We went to the San Antonio Zoo.
We got to see some of the most iconic planes of the U.S and of World War II.
This is a replica of the Enola Gay that dropped the Atom Bomb.
On the way home we passed this truck hauling the biggest tires I've ever seen.
Now being back in California we were less than 4 hours away from home and we were greeted with this awesome sunset.

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