Teetering dual-axis boiler cleaner With more than 45 years of industrial cleaning experience, MPW provides cutting-edge equipment and trained personnel to clean boiler tube lanes.

The MPW Teetering Dual-Axis Boiler Cleaner provides a safe, efficient and precise method to clean boiler tube lanes found in both mud drum and steam drum type boilers. Incorporating the ability to quickly switch out cleaning heads, the tool achieves an overall surface clean with a controllable teetering head to clean lanes between water walls, removing problematic buildup.

The equipment utilizes a 20k psi water jetter with two customized 2D and 3D heads that are driven by a pneumatic cylinder which propels the head in a “teetering” motion. The tool spans the entire boiler, indexing between each boiler tube. Cleaning heads can also be customized for site-specific requirements.

The tool is useful in any circumstance that requires a span of up to 40 feet and limited support placement options.


  • Spans up to 40 feet without center supports
  • Powerful high flow 20,000 psi up to 80 GPM
  • Pneumatically powered
  • X-Y positioning with multiple cleaning heads
  • No entry required for setup or removal
  • Custom cleaning heads for specialty cleaning needs


  • More efficient cleaning of boiler lanes and drum tops
  • Decreases safety-related incidents
  • Decreases cleaning duration
  • Increases productivity while meeting customer requirements


Boone McAdams, Ryan Cullins

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