Martin Luther: Saint or Sinner by:caroline rankins

Saint or Sinner: Martin Luther could be percieved as either a saint or a sinner. He made the church realize thier miskates and wanted to help them but the church believed that he was opposing them and sinning on a massive scale. Most of the church and thier devot followers pinned him as a sinner. Some people on the other hand who were not as commited to the church agreed with him and wanted to help him succeed.

Saint: Martin Luther was many things and some people believe that Saint was one of them. He started the Counter Reformation because of his 95 Theses and most people agree with the things that were wrote in it. Luther wrote, "And let them thus be more confident of entering heaven through many tribulations rather than through a false assurance of peace" (Luther #95). This translates to the modern meaning of , let Christians experience problems if they must - and overcome them - rather than live a false life based on present Catholic teaching. This shows how Martin Luther was a saint because he is saying how the church is corrupt and saying how people show open their eyes and see how bad the church actually is. During this time, the church would make money off of the indulgences that people would buy. They would use the money for personal reasons and not give back to the community.

My pictures represent Luther being a Saint because of the purity of them. The backdrop shows how he is a saint because of the whiteness. This doesn't mean that he is white but it symbolizes his purity. The top picture shows a cross. This shows how he was involved with the church but he wanted it to change for the better to inhance itself for the people. The bottom picture is a picture of the entrance way of a Cathedral and it shows what he pinned the Theses on.

This is a door like the one that Luther nailed his 95 Theses to.

Sinner: Martin Luther was also considered a sinner. He betrayed the Church by going against it. He practically hurt himself by trying to help the church be better as a whole. He left a terrible imprint on the church forever and was never liked by them. To be completely honest, everyone is a sinner so he is one-hundred percent a sinner as well as a saint. He felt revenge in his heart to get against the Church so he came up with the 95 Theses so that people would question what they were learning. Many people stayed on the side of the church while some others began using their brains and having their own beliefs and thoughts. The church decided to excommunicate Martin Luther because of his thoughts against the church.

My photos show that Martin Luther is a sinner. They show this because it is very dark and have very evil looking photos. My background picture shows how the writings of the Theses is a sin because it went against the church. The top photo is of a black hand print and that symbolizes the huge imprint/impact that he had in a negative way on the Renaissance. The bottom picture expresses the way Luther feels because he wrote the 95 Theses. All he wanted to do was help the church but he was forever damned by them.


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