Dream job! By Ashley haines

Does this career require a college or technical degree?

o A relevant degree

o How many years of school?

Depends if you do an apprenticeship or not

o What are good colleges to attend for this career?

The pathway of the apprenticeship in Fashion textiles

Required Skills

Be able to draw and sketch on a computer.

o What skills does the career require?

Be able to draw and sketch on a computer.

o Do you have to have these skills in order to have this career?


Salary 30,000- 60,000

o What is the annual salary or hourly rate?

30,000- 60,000

o Does it stay the same or does it increase annually?

In can increase if they like your work

o What is the least you could make? Most?


o Does education make a difference in salary?

If they like your stuff

Professional Organizations

British fashion council

o What organizations are available to join?


o What is the membership fee?


o What does the organization provide?

Apprenticeship and experience

o What is the benefit of joining?

You get to see others work

Job Duties & Type of Work

Design the clothing

o What is the job description?

Dishin a range of products such as prada, pants, vests , camisoles , a slip , shapewear

o What hours/days are required to work?

Work overtime and long hours

o Is this a career that can be found in any city?

Just about yes

o Is this work done inside or outdoors?


Job Benefits & Job Drawbacks

See your work displayed

o What are the benefits of this career?

See your work displayed

o What are some things that may not be so great about the career?

LOng hours


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