Nature/Animal Photography BY: Emma MCcRary

I used manual instead of auto focus to make sure I got only a certain part of the butterfly in focus in this picture.
This is another photo I used manual instead of auto focus for.
In this photo I got a reflection of the eye in the water, which covers the composition rule of reflection.
To take this photo, I had to think carefully about shadows and where my subject was at.
I used a composition rule of reflection, where there was a reflection in the gator eyes and water.
For this photo I had to use manual focus to make sure the camera did not try to focus on another part of the iguana's body.
For this photo I used the composition rule of slow shutter speed.
This photo required me to get on the ground with the snake and get very up close to it. This required for me to not be scared and use manual focus.
I had to not be afraid and use manual focus for this picture. If I didn't use manual focus, the camera would try to focus on something besides the head of the snake.

I have learned a lot by doing this project. I have learned to think about and use composition more in my photos. I have learned what colors or settings I can use to make my photos more interesting. In the future, I am going to work more on trying to fill extra or empty space in my pictures, or find ways to make them better for the people looking at them.

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