Florida Museum of Natural History By Pat Hood

Gulf Coast Fishing Exhibit

nature on display

My favorite part of the Florida Museum of Natural History was the Gulf Coast Fishing exhibit. I walked through the hallway and all the sudden all light had disappeared and I found myself at the bottom of the ocean ith different aquatics plans and animals. I grew up fishing so I already like the ocean so this was very cool for me. What I noticed was that the animals like crabs at the sea floor are alone because most fish are swimming around but the crabs are trapped at the bottom. I have never really thought about that but it was very evident when I was in the exhibit. I think that the exhibit was really well made because of the lighting I mentioned earlier. The ocean gets very dark as it gets deeper so it reflected that perfectly.

Photo taken in front of a sample of midden

nature and ethics

I really enjoyed walking through the museum because it brought many different aspects of nature together at once and allowed me to experience everything instead of just one part of nature. One thing that really stood out to me was the sample of midden in the picture above. It is the different kinds of rock settlements that show different time periods throughout the history of the world. My reaction was that I felt small because those rocks were millions of years old and I have only been around for 18 years. I think that we need to focus on protecting the Earth since we hurt it so much already.

Photo of a Native American sculpture

nature and human spirit

I really liked this sculpture because it shows a reverence for nature. Sharks are usually seen as dangerous but he is helping the shark get back to water. We are all a part of this world and need to work to make it better and promote the well being of all animals.

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