What Do You See? Ecegetical vs Topical Bible Study

The Story of Aggaziz and the Fish

A teacher made his student come up with observations about a dead fish. The student could only come up with a few things. The teacher made him do this until he realized there were hundreds of things to notice about this fish, if he took the time.

We can do this same excersize with the Bible. Looking at this short verse, knowing nothing else, we can make observations.


- The verse has 30 words.

- The verse is located in Psalms.

- Your goodness is great.

-The goodness was stored up.

The interpretive journey of excegetical has 4 steps

Observation, interpretation, relation with the rest of the Bible, and application to our own lives.

When we use this method, we go in the order that God wished for us to go in to understand His Word accuratly.

Topical Bible Studies can be like dumping all of these multicolored beads onto the floor, mixing them up, and picking a choice few to talk about; ignoring context, authorial intent, and theme.

Topical Study has to do with what YOU bring to the text; Exegetical Study focuses on God's main point of the text.

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Emily Dozier


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