Commute The daily grind of commuters through public transportation

Commute or commuting is defined by Merriam Webster as, "to travel to and from one place to another." People in the society goes to their daily tasks like work and school through riding public transportation specifically tricycles, jeepneys and buses from their homes to their destined locations.

A tricycle driver picked up passengers during a morning rush hour. Tricycles are usually used by commuters to get to the main city or terminal areas.

Due to the increasing population in the Philippines, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) reported that, "Metro Manila has a population of 12 million at night and 15 million in the daytime, so there’s a migration of about three million persons. All of them have to use the roads."

Quezon City Department of Public Order and Safety (QC DPOS) officers monitors traffic jams and regulations along busy roads or unloading and loading areas

Commuters travel usually during morning rush hours from (6) six to (8) eight AM and evening rush hours from (5) five to (7) seven PM.

A lady bus conductor holds the bus signboard while waiting for commuters to ride the bus

Traffic in Manila urban areas have been identified as one of the worst traffic situations in the present time that caused problems regarding the society's routine in commuting.

Commuters riding an ordinary bus during a morning rush hour shows how the traffic jams along the road deprives their time in commuting through their facial expressions

According to CNN Philippines, a global evaluation was conducted by Waze, a GPS-based navigation app on urban levels, Metro Manila is named as "the worst traffic on Earth" which gained a score of 0.4 for traffic index from a range of 1 as miserable to 10 as the satisfying score.

Street vendors waiting along busy roads for buyers like commuters and drivers

This made commuting harder everyday specifically during working days and made public transportation in demand which is sometimes not enough to accommodate commuters everyday.

A jeepney dashboard shows the daily materials used by jeepney drivers during their round trips like cigarettes, a religious portrait and money and coin containers.

A person's normal day consists of 12 hours of productivity wherein work is basically for 8 hours and usually alot 2 to 3 hours of commute going to work from home and vice versa which decreases the number of hours a person can give for rest and other responsibilities to be done after work.

A mother holds her daughter while waiting for ride at the loading bay

The significance of this photo essay about commute and traffic is to illustrate to the government what it is like commuting in a terrible traffic situation caused by different kinds traffic of congestion, poor road conditions and lack of efficient public transport.

Commuters carrying a load of stuff rides a jeepney despite the hassle of rush hour

Its main objective is to show the society the effect of the agony of being stuck in traffic, going to work and home through inefficient public transport,the disorganized traffic and road policies and also the undisciplined actions of many people.

A usual jeepney signboard found inside the jeep which instructs commuters riding the jeep to pull the string for unloading passengers instead of calling for the drivers attention

This is one of the ways to call the attention of the government to give the needed solution for this burden faced by the community everyday. It clearly shows that traffic enforcement that are implemented are not effective enough to reduce traffic and the struggle of commuting for the people.

A man carrying a load of groceries takes the risk of standing out on the open door of the jeep as a lady makes her way out the jeepney
A mass of commuters in line along the loading bay waiting altogether a ride during a weekday rush hour
From Quezon City Circle entering Philcoa area gets crowded by private and public transportations by commuters heading North bound

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