Lent #FastFromFeastOn

For centuries followers of Jesus around the world have observed the season of Lent, the forty days from Ash Wednesday (6th March this year) to Easter.

It is linked to the time when Jesus spent forty days in the desert and the challenges he faced when he was there. You can read the whole story in Luke 4:1–13. During Lent we try to focus on God that little bit more, often by giving up things (such as certain foods or habits) that can distract us. By doing this we try to make more room for God and to be nearer to Him. It'll help us get ready to celebrate Easter in the biggest way possible!

Here’s some ideas of how you could use this season to draw closer to Jesus:

  1. Give something up, ideally something we tend to rely on or turn to for comfort. It could be a food item (such as chocolate or alcohol) but could equally be TV, social media.
  2. Take something up to help us draw near to God. A great way to do this could be spending some time reading the Bible each day. There are lots of accessible Bible reading plans for Lent, such as this one through youversion bible.com/reading-plans/83-lent-for-everyone
  3. Do something together. We’ll be giving out this family wall planner on Sunday (10th). Put it somewhere you look every day – perhaps on the kitchen fridge or above the TV. Do as many of the activities as you like, in any order you like, adapt them, repeat them!

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