Amerigo vespucci by miah phillips

Amerigo Vespucci explored america

He was born March ninth, 1451 in Lorene Italy and died when he was 58 in seville on the twenty-second of February 1512 of Malaria.

Amerigo Vespucci was home schooled

Amerigo Vespucci's first voyage was from 1497 to 1498 he reached to coast line of America before Columbus. During his second voyage he traveled along the coast line of Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela before returning to Spain. During his third voyage in 1501, he traveled along the coast of America and along the coast of africa and along the coast of Brazil. His fourth voyage was from 1503 to 1504 it was in tended for the coast of India, but the loss of a ship off the coast of Brazil caused them to go there instead. The continent of America soon became named after Amerigo Vespucci. He had intended to go on a fifth voyage but never took part in it.

America is the female name for amerigo his youth he studied with the Friar Giorgie Untonio Vespucci. His studies were interrupted in 1490 by the appearance of the plague in florence. In 1490 he left Spain and met Christopher Columbus.

Amerigo first sailed with Christopher Columbus. He was there when they discovered land. Amerigo didn't think they found Asia. He went back to prove that America was a different continent. And he did just what he wanted to do.


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