Portfolio Reviews CHase Geissinger Semester 2

This Giraffe was a piece that I had tried to do before but it got leather hard before I was able to add ears, eyes, the little horns, and the legs that had broken off. When I restarted I worked faster on the small animals and had a little more experience when attaching and forming the pieces, my technique improved from start to finish because it at first was difficult to slip and score the legs and the smaller pieces but towards the end i found it easier to use more slip and wipe off the access than too not have enough in the first place. I used a lot of creativity and developing art making skillsin this art work because I like more realistic arr and it took a lot to make it abnormal but I like how it has turned out in the end. The reason it is green and yellow is because my school colors are green and yellow.
These bowls are a series of size-increasing bowls and I have worked hard to get where I am, I am trying currently to make a rather large bowl on the wheel and have not been successful. I think that my skills have improved however I have a long way to go because when I try to throw anything much bigger than I already have then my tops get too thin due to my pulling techniques. I am currently going back to the drawing boards and trying to see what else I am doing wrong. I am engaging and persisting on this large bowl by not quiting and I am working harder to fix my technique.

This past section I have been expanding my knowledge on clay by making a hand built pot as well as trying to throw taller cylinders. My clay pot will be glazed base black with bright colored glazes dripped on the outside to give a glow in the dark/ splatter paint kind of feel to it. My cylinders will be glazed creatively by layering glazes and hopefully creating a new look. I have improved my technique by pulling steadier and now can throw consistently and am working toward abstract art. Create original art is my goal for this section.

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