Philosophy Tyrese campbell (unit 1)

January 19th

Expanding the way I think. I'm worried about not doing well in this class.

I think it means not being adventurous and not being worth living a life that's bland.

January 26th

Thomas Jefferson was a philosopher.

January 31st

I would follow Laozi because people commit crimes when they are like dared. Like to many rules or too much government can make bad people. I also like to go with the flow in life.

February 2nd

Wisdom you gain with experience. Socratic wisdom is that if you know nothing , you know that you don't know anything.

February 7th

I believe in Christianity which religious and philosophical.

February 9th

I was more empiricism.

February 10th

I believed in Santa Claus. I rejected it because I seen my parents eat the cookies and put presents under the tree.

February 14th

To not be lonely and to be "happy".

February 27th

Hume helps people think different. Makes you question laws of nature.

February 28th

knowledge comes based off

Unit 3

I would rate myself a solid 7 , I use a lot of reasoning and facts while arguing.

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