"Emperor of Sand" Mastodon's seventh studio album Has finally hit the airwaves

Members of Mastodon (left to right) Troy Sanders, Brent Hinds, Brann Dailor, and Bill Kelliher

Metal heads rejoice! Progressive metal band Mastodon released their new 11 track album “Emperor of Sand”. The Atlanta based quartet is known for their heavy chugging riffs, fast technical drums, experimentation in asymmetrical meters, and melodic hooks. Their first album “Remission” was released in 2002.

Drummer Brann Dailor

The band is also famous for their concept albums, such as 'Leviathan' a metal adaptation of Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’. The band’s new album is also a concept album as well. Drummer Brann Dailor (seen above) said during an interview with Loudwire that the story is about a man who receives a death sentence from a desert ruler, and proceeds to wander in the desert contemplating life itself.

Guitarist Bill Kelliher and Bassist Troy Sanders

According to Guitarist Bill Kelliher (seen above left) the death sentence is a metaphor for cancer, and the idea came to him after his mother died of cancer as well as bassist Troy Sanders' (seen above right) wife. Brann Dailor said in an interview that cancer had touched every one of their lives, and was an issue very close to the band’s heart.

Here the band talks about the making of the album.

The tone for the album is going to be Mastodon’s more metal/space rock sound seen on albums such as 'Crack the Skye' with a mix of more contemporary sludge metal seen on albums like 'The Hunter'. The album has been rather successful in the recet weeks with songs 'Steambreather', 'Andromeda', 'Show Yourself', and 'Sultan’s Curse' receiving high praise from fans and reviewers alike. A tour with 'The Eagles of Death Metal' and a performance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' have furthered the expousre of the album. Both music media as well as the general media like the sound of the album as Mastodon's impressive career continues to evolve


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