A Special Gift for a special person

As we move into the new decade, our appreciation of family and friends has become ever more mportant. We value our experiences even more these days, as well as sharing those experiences with loved ones and friends is increasing in its importance.

This Christmas it may also be harder to shop for that "special" gift in person, and find something out of the ordinary.

it is time to consider a Portrait Gift Card for your most special relative/friend, and this has the added advantage off supporting a local business, as a special experience in 2021.

Our location photo sessions are more than just creating “an image”, it is about telling part of your story, enabling you not only to share with family and friends, but also to treasure and look back on. Whether it is the relationship with your horse; a significant portrait to mark that special occasion; or the bond you have with your pet – we help you tell that story.

As this is a "one to one" session, it is a more relaxed environment, and this enables us to explore your story and that special relationship much more effectively.

This magic can often translate into some striking images that would not look out of place on the lounge wall as Wall Art, or perhaps an Album; all to cherish and remind you and your loved ones of very this special moment.

Whilst a small amount of direction is required, it is more about making sure the "light" is right and that you feel relaxed - this enables the more natural images to be created. We will talk you though what the session entails and what to expect, on our initial call.

We are used to putting people at ease and look forward to working with you. Even if you normally do not like have your photo taken, don't feel intimidated in any way, we will be working to ensure you are relaxed and making sure I show your "best" side. The striking images only comes with you relaxed.

We help clients tell their stories.

Peter Duce Photography has been running for over 12 years and during that time it has established itself as a high quality Branding and Headshot, Editorial, Equine, Portrait and Wedding photography business.

"Telling your story" is the main theme running through all that we do - what is your story?

Frankie & Johnny

I am sure you have a “story” to tell if you are reading this, so why not have a conversation?


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