The Harn Sophie nasrullah

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

For the Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist category, I chose this beautiful oil painting by Francis Criss titled "Jefferson Market Courthouse". Even though oil on canvas is not a particularly unusual medium, I was struck by how different this painting looked from those around it. I love the color scheme and the surreal way in which the painting "pops". I also love the fact that the Jefferson Market Courthouse still stands in New York City and I have seen it there multiple times. Overall, the painting filled me with a sense of happiness and I love the unreal aura of calm that radiates from this depiction of New York City.
I absolutely loved the Asian wing of the museum. In this section of the museum I was fascinated by the variation of mediums on display, particularly the vast amounts of ceramics. These ceramics spanned dynasties, which is really remarkable if you think about all of the history right here on UF's campus. There was also an array of sculptures, paintings, prints, and metal works. I loved seeing the variety of colors and textures present in this wing as well.
I genuinely agree that art is often very personal and can be used to convey core values. In this piece entitled "I am Not a Persian Carpet", the artist Aphrodite Diseree Navab seeks to challenge the Middle Eastern prospective of women's bodies. She confronts the Middle Eastern taboo of showing too much skin and at the same time compares herself, using a wooden block stamp across her abdomen, to Iran's largest export. As someone who feels strongly about women's rights and feminism and is also of Middle Eastern descent, this piece spoke to me. It instills in me a feeling of unity with the women across the world fighting for equality and justice for all cultures. It reminds me of how much progress we have made and how lucky I am to enjoy the freedoms that I do here in the United States.
The section of the Harn that spoke to me the most in the context of the good life was the wing dedicated solely to portraits of Frida Kahlo. Although Kahlo's life was plagued with hardships and strife, she managed to rise above and become one of the most recognized artists in history. She was not only a renowned painter but also politically active. I admire her devotion to her field and her resilience. Even though her life may not align perfectly with my idea of the "good life", I believe that the good life would include practicing some of the admirable traits of Kahlo.

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