REFLECTIONS Digital Color Theory final project - The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

My final project for digital color theory is a design that is intended to bring attention to the issues and emotions of those that struggle with gender identity. This subject matter was selected as a challenging way to use color to help reflect the emotions identified when dealing with a conflict in gender identity. The design shows the same person but in a split view of two distinct genders. The colors are used to explore emotional states in each side of the design.

The project started by creating two achromatic designs. The first a split view of a single individual displaying two genders, the second a view of the female form with dark shards of the past being shed.

The split-view design was selected to advance into my final project. The next step was to create two unique color schemes for the design.

The first was a red-cyan complimentary color scheme.

The second is a tetrad color scheme using magneta, orange, aqua, and blue.

The final result of the project after refinements and minor color adjustments.

Feedback from my instructor: "I'm so glad you've had fun and learned a lot with color and that you have a vision of how you'll be using color in the future. I also like this tetrad scheme the best because of the depth it creates and subtle contrast between the figure and background. The contrast in this design is very important along with a sense of harmony which I would say you'e mastered. The concept and color work are very strong and well done with symbolism and nuance, depth and complexity and you've worked with all three color properties which is also very good." - Nancy Jones

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Craig Simpson

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