The story of my photography is synonymous with a trip of discovery, both of myself and the environment around me.

I started taking my photography seriously in my sophomore year of college at Ateneo de Manila University. After receiving a new camera from my father, I started out by taking candid photos of my friends while we hung out.

My friend Kit, in the middle of conversation.
Other times I would point my camera at a friend, and they'd smile at me on reflex. I've caught some of the most genuine smiles like this.

After gaining some confidence in my camera, I decided to try taking portraits more purposefully– I started taking my friends to different places in campus that I thought would look good as backgrounds for photos.

Before shooting with Mara, I was unaware that she already had modeling experience. It was a pleasant surprise, and shooting with her taught me a few tips for posing and angling.
For this shoot, I wanted to use the windows' shades of silver in the photos. I had Mara wear a basic blue and white outfit to match this.

After shooting in many familiar places, I wanted to explore the campus even further. Fortunately for me, the Ateneo campus has an abundance of outdoor spots to shoot, just waiting to be discovered.

This is my friend Louise. She and I found this neat little pond near one of the buildings on campus. It had dried up due to the summer heat, and we decided to go down for the shot.
From a higher angle, you can see the dried up soil that was once the bottom of the pond.

It wasn't long before I started shooting not only for myself, but for my friends and orgs. Shooting for others introduced me to the idea of visual communication.

This photo was taken for the Loyola Film Circle's flagship project Under the Stars. Positioned as a movie night/variety show to go to with the ones you love.
There were also times when I had taken photos to help friends out with their own projects. This was taken for a small fundraiser for my friends' business class project. It was Valentine's season, and they sold marshmallows.

One thing you may notice about my portraits is that I shoot in landscape orientation. I like doing this because I find the orientation more flexible in terms of being able to use the background. However, I do find that there are times that do call for the portrait orientation.

Whether it be inside the studio... (taken for AIESEC Ateneo)
Or outside the studio.

At its core, photography for me has been not only an outlet for my creativity, but also a means of getting to know the people I shoot. For me, photography is expression and connection. This is something I take with me to all of my photoshoots, and this is what I try to capture with every shot I take.

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Mari Deluria

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