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Did you know that some art doesn’t need to be real? It could be abstract, a picture that don’t look like anything. Like some artist do! Keep reading and learn about how wonderful you can create a colorful background, how interesting you could mix colors,, how to make a beautiful 3D letters, and finally knowing the colors that are in the opposite side in the color wheel.

You need to know what color matches with what, to make your background or your letters beautiful. The way you do is, you pick a color, then imagine what color is next to that color in the rainbow. For example, your color is green, you look at the color next to it which is blue and yellow. If your color is purple, it is pink and dark blue. If it’s pink, it goes back to red. So remember this to create your best background!

If we only have red, yellow and blue, how can we make other colors? Well, it’s easy. Red mix with yellow is orange. Blue mix with yellow is green. Blue mix with red is purple. Blue, red and yellow mixed together will be like black or a very dark brown. When you get these color, let’s mix more. Red mix with white is pink. Blue mix with green is mint. Red with orange is a salmon color. Red, white, and orange is watermelon color. Yellow, orange and white is sunflower color. Blue, green and white is ocean mist color. Green, white and yellow is lime color. And Finally purple, red and white is maroon color.

Have you ever wondered how people can make 3D letters? Basically, you write your letter. Then imagine of where we will see the thickness, like if those are in front of you, what will you see? This is how you make 3D letters.

Don’t you dare put Green with blue may match, but green with red will never. If there is a color between them that will blend together, it’s ok, but if there is no color between, they will never match. This is because they are in the opposite side in the color wheel. Yellow with purple, and blue with orange also don’t match.

Now you know how to choose nice colors that matches, how to make 3D letters, mixing color, and color in the opposite side in the color wheel. Make a fantastic art work in your art class next time!

Thanks for reading my information writing

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